By Simone Viola

Sometimes, shapes can be
like a scent, they can treasure
and unleash memories.


By Simone Viola

An object without boundaries
other than the need to be
comfortable and user-friendly.


By Simone Viola

X, a sound, a symbol,
a meaning, all enclosed
in a recognisable shape.

Meet the new Tasca

By Simone Viola

Tasca stands out as a countertrend
item, eliminating stereotypes
and allowing everyone to have
access to beauty.

Tasca Lounge Chair | Gabriel Pink Fabric

By Simone Viola

Tasca Lounge Ottoman | Gabriel Pink Salmon Fabric

By Simone Viola


Take a look at the latest version
of TOOU catalog. Be inspired
by our products surrounded by
vibrant atmospheres.

Cadrea @

Merit Coffee,


The chair and the two stools make

up the essential elements necessary

to meet the requirements of

the restaurant or cafe.

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