TOOU is not just a manufacturer of home furnishings.

It is the realization of a utopia: to create accessible and versatile designs applied to everyday objects.
Conceived for both interior and exterior furnishing, for singles and communities alike, with a cross-fit aesthetic that adjusts to every living style, TOOU objects are designed and built for each one of us.


Our aim is creating objects that are durable in their design and aesthetics, and that are never superfluous accessories designed for facile consumption that is dominated by ephemeral trends.

TOOU strives to create objects through a production that put people at the heart of things.

We materialise projects where technology is deployed in the service of the end user, through optimized processes that produce comfortable, safe and beautiful objects that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.


Our primary aim is that each object is desirable, affordable and customizable, with a range of materials, shapes, and colors that can transform a mass-produced product into a highly personal one.

TOOU is committed to developing solutions for an ever-greater environmental sustainability.

TOOU launched the Leafee campaign, demonstrating its interest in the environment through direct contributions to non-profit foundations that carry out reforestation projects in suitable areas of the world.


Leafee paper knife is made of a mixture of plastic material and recycled natural waste, and it represents the first important step taken by TOOU towards ever more eco-conscious manufacturing processes that make use of eco-friendly materials and technologies.