Stellar Chair by TOOU


By Sander Mulder

Stellar (stĕl′ər) [derived from the Latin word Stellaris] “Relating to, involving, or resembling a star or stars, or comparable with stars for beauty and quality”.


In this case, a timeless design meant to be used on a daily basis, where its stellar lines serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. A shape conceived from childhood memories, where the comfort of those traditional wooden school chairs from the 1950’s with their humble, functional use of materials has been reinvented into the 21st century stackable monoblock plastic chair.


The strong lines shared with modern fighter planes and military decorations are decontextualized and put together to form a peaceful inviting multi-functional design.
The star-like, triangular volumes on the rear and bottom parts emphasize the load-bearing function of these structures and form a pleasant aesthetic contrast with the soft and welcoming ergonomics of both seat and backrest.
The perforated version, ideal for outdoor applications, and the semi-padded version, with colour- matched or contrasting fabrics, applied onto the seat and backrest, complete the collection.


A shape conceived from childhood memories reinvented into a plastic chair.

from 114 Euro


Stellar chair


Stellar chair with holes


Stellar chair with holes

Mint green

Stellar chair

Black – Cool gray Gabriel upholstery

Stellar chair

Cool gray – Cool blue Gabriel upholstery