Thick Top Side Table by TOOU design
Thick Top coffe table by TOOU

Thick Top

By Simone Viola

A name that is almost an onomatopoeic sound, a shape designed for the interior and the exterior alike, in two different heights that make it a versatile and flexible object.
The two heights are suitable for different uses, as a table or even as a valet stand, to be placed freely around the house, in the garden, in public spaces, or in restaurants.
The slight grooves and the proportions of the top almost resemble a tray in size and maneuverability.
Although the name refers to the considerable thickness of the top, the object sports at the same time unexpectedly lightweight and easy of handling, thanks to clever use of materials.


The gently sketched-out base is a testament to TOOU’s renewed commitment to pay greater attention to the environment since it is made of eco plastic, a compound of recycled organic waste materials with an extremely low environmental impact.
The sober, refined colours of both the top and the thin closing base match perfectly with the vibrant textures of the eco plastic body.


We consider Thick Top as a first, important step towards an increasingly eco-conscious design with the lightest possible impact on Earth.


A first step towards an increasingly eco conscious design with the lightest impact on our Earth.

from 119 USD


1 Thick Top basso Struttura in polipropilene eco marrone chiaro Top e tappo marrone Thick Top high Structure in polypropylene eco light brown Dark brown top and cup

Thick Top low side table

Eco light brown – Dark brown
top and cap

2 Thick Top alto Struttura in polipropilene eco bianco Top e tappo nero Thick Top high Structure in polypropylene eco white Black top and cup

Thick Top high side table

Eco white – Black top and cap