Yokozeki Ryota

Gifu, Japan


Yokozeki Ryota - designer

After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art in 2008, he started working at an electric appliances company in Tokyo. While working at the company, he also worked on his own and participated in exhibitions such as Milano Salone. When he exhibited “Aizome Chair” in Milan in 2016, it was selected as the collection of Vitra Design Museum.


After working at the company for ten years, he founded Ryota Yokozeki Studio in 2017. At the studio, he focuses on the experience that a form can give to people.
Nowadays, a wide variety of lifestyles are accepted and various people are seeking their own unique experiences.


He seeks the form that presents the most fresh, beautiful, familiar and fun experience, and mostly he searches and provides a new experience that has never been lived before. In addition to that, he clearly thinks a great deal about the form following the function and experience, when practicing his design work.