Joi Chair by TOOU design
Joi chair by TOOU


By Simone Viola

Think of a chair. An everyday object made invisible by continuous use. A light piece of domestic furniture in which comfort has equal aesthetics. And what is a chair good for if not to sit down to eat, talk, wait, rest, and live life?
We have traced the identity of our ideal chair to create the profile of a happy, joyful object which leads automatically to evenings in the company of friends, with the family at home or in the garden, to moments in which chairs are moved to make room for a new arrival, to stack them easily at the end of the day or leave them outside overnight in the rain. An object without boundaries other than the need to be practical, comfortable, and user-friendly.


The Joi collection is a tribute to one of the greatest masters of the 20th century: Hans J. Wegner.
A thought which flows along with the same guidelines of beauty, simplicity, and ergonomics. A decisive line traced by the imprint of great, proudly modern Nordic design, because real design follows life as opposed to fashion.
Joi combines all of this with advanced manufacturing techniques which allow accessible and flexible production in a variety of versions.
Its main feature is the joint which allows the creation of three different chairs, inserting backs characterized by different personalities, uses, and vocations.


The choice of colors also pursues the consistent thought of a determined but flexible object. With four different colors for the structure and five fabrics for the removable seat cover, the Joi collection allows a wide variety of combinations suited to identifying the right mood for the setting in which it is going to be used.


A tribute to one of the greatest masters of the 20th century: Hans J. Wegner.

from 158 USD


1 Joi twenty Marrone chiaro Seduta sabbia Joi twenty light brown Sand seat

Joi twenty

Light brown – Sand Sunbrella upholstery

2 Joi twentyfour Marrone scuro Seduta caffè Joi twentyfour Dark brown Caffè seat

Joi twentyfour

Dark brown – Coffee Sunbrella upholstery

3 Joi thirtisix Nero Seduta caffè Joi thirtisix Black Coffee seat

Joi thirtisix

Black – Anthracite Sunbrella upholstery

Joi twenty Sunbrella lime upholstery

Joi twenty

White – Lime Sunbrella upholstery

Joi twentyfour Sunbrella light blue upholstery

Joi twentyfour

Dark brown – Light blue Sunbrella upholstery

Joi thirtysix melange gray upholstery

Joi thirtisix

Black – Dark gray melange upholstery