Tomo Side Table by TOOU design
Tomo side table by TOOU


By Yokozeki Ryota

Tomo, a Japanese word that means “friend”, is the name of this clean and versatile side table. A famous aphorism states: “Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and at other times it is essential to just know that they are there.” Imagine a silent friend who is always there for you: Tomo is exactly what we all need!


Its ideal manageability makes it the perfect shelf to place a book or your glasses while in the intimacy of your living room or home garden and its high versatility makes it perfectly adaptable to shared environments, such as lobbies and waiting rooms. Tomo is an everyday object with a minimal and precise taste.
Characterized by a strong Japanese aesthetic, it is the ultimate side table to give personality to a décor. Tomo collection is incredibly light and adaptable, it is made in polypropylene and recycled waste materials with low environmental impact.


With this modern and essential small table, TOOU reconfirms its bet on the compatibility of its products with the environment, thus respecting its important eco-sustainability policy.


Imagine a silent friend who is always there for you.

from 99 USD


Tomo | Side table Eco White

Tomo side table

Eco white

Tomo | Side table Light Brown

Tomo side table

Eco light brown

Tomo | Side table Eco Celadon Green

Tomo side table

Eco celadon green

Tomo | Side table Eco Pink

Tomo side table

Eco pink